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Student welfare

  • We treat each other with respect
  • We look after each other and show we care
  • We look at our school and the things in it
  • We follow instructions so our school is a happy and safe place
  • We work together to help each other learn
  • We talk through our problems to find solutions

In addition to these, each class will devise their own class rules to ensure all students can learn in an environment conducive to learning

Excellent teaching in a caring and modern environment enables students to become confident, responsible and successful global citizens.

Our focus is always on positive behaviour and from an early age, we teach the students how to conduct themselves within the school and in the community. We have a range of ways in which students are motivated to become better students and future citizens of Kuwait. We use display, Dojo points, Golden Time and celebration assembly where students are praised for their consistent hard work, exceptionally good behaviour, kindness or being helpful to others.

Students will sometimes make mistakes and bad choices. Teachers always remain calm and professional, modelling the kind of behaviour we wish to teach. We point out to students that they will have choices throughout their lives and need to be good at choosing the good pathway through life.

We sometimes encounter students who display unacceptable behaviour, such as fighting, bullying or racial incidents. When this happens, the student will be issued with appropriate consequences which teach them that their actions have an impact on themselves as well as others. The purposes of consequences are:

  • To repair the damage that has been done
  • To restore damaged relationships
  • To deter future offences
  • To demonstrate that the school has high standards that apply to everyone

In NBS we have a head boy and head girl who have been elected by the secondary students. They are supported in their work by deputies and a set of monitors from classes in Years 3 – 8.

We operate a ‘House’ system drawing the names from 4 different areas of Nottinghamshire, the capital city being Nottingham. The four ‘Houses’ are Bridgeford, Eaton, Carlton and Beeston.

If students work well in lessons and produce work, which shows that they are making real progress and a real effort, they may be given a House Point. These House Points are also available through various contributions to all aspects of school life, both individually and also collectively as part of a group such as on Sports’ days.

Students can be rewarded by their teachers and can also be rewarded for the following contributions to school life such as:

  • For having 100% weekly attendance and punctuality.
  • For being helpful
  • For charity work
  • For leadership skills
  • For perseverance
  • For progress
  • For having full school uniform
  • For having a healthy lunch box
  • For choosing wisely at the school shop

Each week the Head Boy and Head Girl will collect the House Points and the wining team will be presented with a trophy with ribbons in the colour of the winning house

Our School Council members are a highly-valued group of students who represent the voice and opinions of all the students within our school. Through our School Council, we aim to develop young leadership skills, whilst supporting student democracy. The School Council is an ideal opportunity for students to get more involved in the way the school is run and provides opportunities for them to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made. School Council members are democratically elected by all the students in their class and the students lead the School Council meetings, supported by a member of staff. School Council members meet every two weeks to organise a range of events to support the school, the students in it and the local community.

Students across all year groups regularly attend internal and external events held by the school to develop their understanding of the world around them as well as to learn new skills and develop new experiences. This may be to work together for special occasions, school productions, themed weeks linked to the curriculum and sponsored events. We also organise a Careers Fair and a range of field trips both nationally and internationally.

Our Pastoral Support Worker offers a unique dimension of care and support to our students and school community. She is the positive role model who brings genuine compassion, understanding and practical ongoing support to students and families, working alongside and complementing other welfare and wellbeing staff. She is readily accessible at break times on the AstroTurf, supporting teachers and students.

We would like to start by welcoming you NBS and hope your association with the school will be a long and enjoyable one. We firmly believe that a key factor in helping students develop and achieve lies in the relationship between home and school.

We are committed to listening and responding to the views and opinions of our parents. We are committed to working closely with parents to ensure they are completely satisfied with their child’s education and feel that their views and opinions are listened to and acted upon.

We now hold regular Parent Forum meetings, which take place every term. The Parent Forum is a platform for parents to express their suggestions and ideas for improvements at the school. We also operate a Mum’s Coffee morning once per month where Mums can chat and a Parent-Teacher Association which help with the school in the community.

We have regular workshops for parents to become more familiar with the curriculum and parent-teacher conferences to discuss your child’s progress. We communicate with parents frequently through Class Dojo and teachers are willing to have a private conversation with parents should you be concerned or worried about your child in any way. Please contact the school office to arrange a mutually convenient time for you as a parent and the teacher.

We offer a bus service, which is operated by a reliable subcontractor who has a number of other contracts with schools across Kuwait. All buses provided by the subcontractor are staffed with a driver and a chaperone who can be contacted at all times by the Transport Manager. The buses are all fully air-conditioned, have heavy curtains to minimise heat radiating through the windows from the intense desert sun and are fitted with lap belts for safety.

The bus staff receive regular instruction on the rules and procedures pertaining to the bus service to ensure the effective execution of their duties. They also have all the appropriate checks being carried out to ensure they are eligible and safe to carry out their duties. If you would like to register for the bus service please contact the school office for any additional information regarding registering your child to the bus service.

  • Email info@nbs.edu.kw
  • Telephone :
  • 22060070 | 90003615
    22060071 | 90003715
    22060072 | 90003815

We appreciate the support and encouragement from parents in their children wearing school uniform at all times when in school or on national events out of the school. All items of uniform should be clearly marked including bags, lunch boxes and water bottles.

Clothing Item

  1. Red T- Shirt short/long sleeve
  2. Grey Shorts/long trousers – Boys Only
  3. Grey long trousers – Girls Only
  4. Black shoes
  5. Water bottle clearly labelled

PE Clothes:

  1. Red trousers
  2. Red T-shirt
  3. Black trainers – NOT football boots


Jewellery (includes novelty bands/necklaces and earrings), make-up and nail varnish are not to be worn in school. For safety reasons, students with pierced ears must only wear studs and these must be removed before PE and swimming lessons. If your child is unable to remove their own ear studs, they should be removed at home before they come to school on the days they have P.E.