Nottingham British School as part of its strategic plan has extended its stakeholder voice to include as well as its parental representative voice, the establishment of a School Governing Board. The Governing Board will provide focused governance to NBS in an advisory capacity from individuals with specialist knowledge and/or experience in a professional capacity who can ask challenging questions to hold the school leadership to account for its decisions and performance.
The governors will be popping into school in their advisory capacity and for school events. Please find the members of our Governing Board below:


Mr Fahad Al Quais Chair DSL
Mr Omer Al Outaibi Vice Chair Health & Safety
Mr Ahmed Al Aquil Governor Member Construction
Dr Nabil Al Kholaifi Governor Member School Improvement
Ms Fatma Al Meshal Governor Member Finance
Dr Meshal Al Mashaan Link Director Link Director

NBS thanks the Governing Board for taking the time to engage in a governance role and for their contribution to the school’s work.