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Durrar Complex

Constructed in 1979, the Durrar complex is a prime residential apartment complex comprising six blocks. Three of the blocks were part of the original structure and three additional blocks were constructed in 2008. The total built up area of Durrar Complex is 57,957 sqm.

Block B, C, and D are typical residential buildings occupying eight floors, two towers for each block. All the apartments in this complex are spacious 3 Bedroom apartments with 4 apartments in each floor. All apartments boast large, airy and spacious balconies. The blocks are positioned in a U-shape layout surrounding, with block E being strategically located in the middle of Al Durrar complex and providing recreational and commercial services to the other blocks. It has a well-maintained basement with a large variety of shops and restaurants as well as a recreational/sports complex that includes 2 adult swimming pools and one kids’ pool. There is also a fitness gymnasium, squash and tennis courts and a multi-purpose open field.