Pride in Excellence

In partnership with our school community, we will support all our scholars to learn within a culture where high aspirations are expected and all scholar achievement is valued. 

Through high-quality teaching and effective learning, scholars will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to a variety of fields, make progress and be proud of their achievements. NBS graduates will be confident to access further and higher education in settings near and far as suited to need not location. The NBS graduates will take responsibility for themselves, their actions, and be able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives as responsible citizens in the 21st century.

  • Perfecting
  • Responding
  • Independent
  • Determined
  • Engaged
  • To challenge, support and inspire every individual to achieve their best;
  • To cultivate a stimulating environment where everyone feels valued and success is celebrated;
  • To work collaboratively to ensure high standards of behaviour, teaching and learning across the 
  • To provide a range of opportunities so that all scholars can achieve their full academic potential
  • To promote excellence through a caring, supportive environment
  • From every scholar, we expect a determination to work to their highest standards, to develop self- reliance and a sense of responsibility with respect and tolerance for others.


All of our teaching is based on our NBS principles:

  • Engaging subject knowledge and skills
  • Challenge and support for all
  • Variety of learning experience
  • Progress checks and feedback
  • Relationships: positive, respectful relationships throughout the school.

NBS has incredibly high aspirations for all its scholars and aims to give every scholar coming to NBS an education they will enjoy and one which will develop them into thinking, articulate, responsible and successful citizens.

Welcome to the Nottingham British School, we are delighted that you are considering NBS for the education of your child.

‘Pride in Excellence’ is our over-arching aim and 
is the driving force behind all that we do at NBS. We would like every single one
of our pupils to develop a pride and self-belief in themselves, their work and achievement. Pride in their school is also important, as it supports respect for learning which is a vital ingredient for success.

To promote a feeling of pride in the wider community we are constantly developing new partnerships that broaden the opportunities available for gaining life skills, which strengthen our school community.  We have high expectations of our students (who we refer to as scholars) and believe in excellent standards of uniform, presentation, behavior, respect and learning.

The NBS is a warm, welcoming and friendly school, where learning is at the centre of everything we do. We seek to ensure that all our pupils receive a broad and rounded education that enables each of them to become capable, caring and confident young adults. As a school, we place great emphasis on the support and development of the individual so that all our scholars can achieve their full potential and gain successful outcomes.

As Director of the School, I know that choosing the right secondary provision for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. At NBS we create a stimulating and engaging environment where high aspirations are expected and all scholar achievement is valued.  We aim not only to match parents’ expectations of what a school should offer their child but also exceed them.  Our very high quality and committed staff strive to ensure that all scholars have both pastoral support and excellent teaching so they can achieve their full potential and contribute positively to the community in which they live.

This prospectus can only give you a glimpse of what we have to offer.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Nottingham British School.



Nottingham British School

Our key focus in having a reward system is to acknowledge the contribution of our scholars to the whole school community both as individuals and as members of a form group within a year group/House within the whole school community. At NBS, our underlining ethos is:

“At NBS we strive for excellence”.

Our belief is that by encouraging our scholars to strive for excellence, we will encourage our scholars to reach the highest possible standards as individuals, as members of a House System, a year group or House within the whole school community, in terms of their personal development but also academically with their work.

If scholars work well in lessons and produce work, which shows that they are making real progress and a real effort, they may be given aOutstanding Merit which automatically becomes a Merit/House Point. These Merit House Points are also available through various contributions to all aspects of school life. These points are special for scholars individually and also collectively as part of a form group, year group and associated House. Scholars should feel very proud to achieve and receive them.

Scholars can be rewarded by their subject teachers and can also be rewarded for the following contributions to school life:

  • For having 100% weekly attendance & punctuality.
  • For attendance at revision clubs
  • For being helpful
  • For being a Form Rep/Deputy Form Rep
  • For being a Register Monitor
  • For being a Prefect
  • For being Buddies
  • For being an Assembly Assistant
  • For being a Library Assistant
  • For being an Events Co-coordinator
  • For charity work
  • For being part of CSLA
  • For debating
  • For being part of the Fairtrade Team
  • For Leadership Skills
  • For being Learning Detectives
  • For helping/assisting with liturgies: Serving/Reading etc.
  • For helping/assisting at form/year and site assemblies
  • For Mentoring
  • For Motivation
  • For Organisation
  • For Participation
  • For Perseverance
  • For Progress
  • For Public Speaking
  • For Singing
  • For being a Team player


NBS is committed to helping foster scholars’ aspirations so that all scholars reach their fullest potential and achieve the success they want for themselves.

We expect every scholar to develop leadership qualities and skills as well as an awareness and responsibility for the community and world they live in. We expect all of our scholars to become leaders. We will give them the training, opportunities and experiences to be examples and leaders.

All those who study and work at NBS from a caring and supportive community characterised by positive relationships. We work together to deliver our vision and our aims and to help each other to develop to be better and more successful people.

The NBS has a Student Council, which provides scholars with a voice, and we listen. We want our local community to be proud of NBS and the school to lead and be involved in the community. We will be involved in many community-related projects, working with other organisation’s to make our community better for everyone. We also welcome the community into the school to work with our scholars, share our activities, productions and resources and to make us a better NBS.


<strong>A Welcoming and Supportive Environment Every scholar is treated as an individual </strong>

The NBS’s dedicated pastoral support starts at primary school, with Year 6 invited to attend our master classes, as well as taster induction days. Upon joining NBS, our new Year 7s receive support for their progress and well-being from their Year Leader and Pastoral Support, along with daily support from their form tutor. Year Leaders and Tutors remain with scholars throughout their time at NBS, building up strong relationships and providing support and guidance to the scholars and their parents.

<strong>At NBS we offer exceptional support for young people for their emotional and social well-being.  </strong>

To coordinate this support we have established a structure that is split into two strands; progress leaders and the pastoral team. The progress leaders are responsible for monitoring and supporting scholar achievement. These staff will review academic performance each half term to ensure that scholars are making appropriate progress, identify those requiring further intervention and organise academic mentoring. All this will be done in close coordination with heads of department and the Pastoral Team.

The Pastoral Team is responsible for all areas of scholar support relating to social and emotional wellbeing. These staff will work with scholars and families to ensure that scholars are able to access learning at all times. The team will coordinate support for improvements in scholar behaviour, support scholars with strategies during challenging times and provide access to outside agencies
 where appropriate. All of this will be done in close coordination with heads of department and progress leaders to ensure that the work is focused on supporting academic development and achievement.

Both teams are focused on maintaining the highest standards of learning, behaviour and uniform at NBS. They work together to ensure that these are upheld and look forward to working in partnership with parents to achieve this.

The Inclusive Learning Team works effectively to support scholars with identified issues to remove barriers to learning. Scholars with a variety of additional needs gain support both within and outside the classroom. Learning Support is available to support all scholars and staff in mainstream lessons and also in small groups within the Learning Support Area. Careful attention is always given to the assessment of pupils’ individual needs.

Year 7  Scholar

<strong>“Ever since I started at NBS, the teachers and staff have been friendly and welcoming. Everyone has been helpful and I feel like I really fit in now. It took a while but now I know where everything is. I really enjoy coming to school at NBS.” </strong>


Whilst our scholars have expectations of us to provide them with the best possible education, we also have very clear expectations of them, particularly in respect of punctuality, behaviour, and commitment to learning and in particular, what it means to be a NBS scholar. We firmly believe that through the setting of these high standards, not only for teaching and learning but also for behaviour, uniform and respect towards each other, we all have a part to play in creating a safe, secure and happy environment, with the onus on success. On a motivational level, we also have a highly effective and popular rewards system, benefitting all those who play their part.

<strong>AIMING HIGH FOR ALL</strong>

We are a data-rich school and combine Key Stage 2 data with online cognitive assessment tests (CATs), which we do, in the first few days
of the autumn term. We use this alongside information from scholar files and parents to establish our groups for the core subjects, English, mathematics and science, as well as languages. Intelligence is not fixed and we review these regularly.

Rigorous assessment underpins our approach, so we can measure 
the impact of teaching and learning in terms of scholar progress. Formal assessment in all subjects takes place three times a year and we communicate outcomes to parents and use results to reflect on how scholars are grouped, making changes to ensure needs are met. We take these impact reflections very seriously and use them to review provision and the degree to which it engages all learners, challenges our most able, and supports those most vulnerable due to underachievement.

In Year 6 we gather information from schools and parents about the gifts and talents of our scholars, both within the school curriculum
 and in their wider home life. Following CATs and our own baseline assessments, we conduct a formal audit of gifted and talented scholars, both those who demonstrate excellent potential across all areas and those who possess particular skills and achievements. The school has considerable teaching expertise in this field and details of how this is used in planning, delivering and tracking provision can be found in our gifted and talented policy on the website.

For learners who need more support, the intimacy of a small school is reassuring and we are able to create personalised timetables of support, which are tailored to individuals and designed to promote independence, not dependence. The goal is to create almost transparent support, which allows learners to succeed both academically and socially. Regular meetings with scholars and parents allow us to measure the impact of the intervention and the scholars’ opinions are at the heart of these reviews.


<strong>The extended day for scholars at NBS, may start with the reading club at 7.30am and finish with practising for a play in the afternoon. </strong>

Whatever the activity, every scholar has the opportunity to access and try new and exciting clubs which will not only provide them with additional experiences but will ensure that they develop essential skills for life.

We believe that learning is not confined to the classroom and are proud of the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities and enriching experiences we offer our scholars, which assist them in developing new skills and talents.

There are many things to choose from which include sports, arts, technology and music as well as additional study, which is facilitated through the open access library and homework club. There is additional transport to support these opportunities at the end of the day when extra-curricular activities have finished.

An important part of being a scholar at NBS is the expectation that all scholars will take responsibility as leaders and organisers of NBS activities. This may be through the School Council, the House System, volunteering, peer mentoring, Buddy readers or taking on the prestigious and highly respected role of a Senior Scholar. In this way, scholars have the opportunity to develop essential leadership skills and to make a positive contribution to the school, the scholar body and the community.

We also recognise the importance that teamwork through sport can bring to our scholars’ experiences and education and are actively delivering a host of activities.

Extra-curricular activities on offer at NBS include: –
<li>Lunchtime and after school clubs/activities.</li>
<li>Sports/team activities including football, basketball, tennis, volleyball and netball.</li>
<li>Debate Mate Club</li>
<li>Drama Club</li>
<li>Revision sessions</li>
<li>Trips to theatres, museums and universities</li>
<li>Half term holiday sport clubs</li>
<li>Overseas excursions</li>
Year 8 Scholar

<strong>“Since starting at NBS, I have been taught a range of different skills in many different subjects. We 
have had a massive impact on the school supporting scholars in many different ways to improve attendance and behaviour.” </strong>

<strong>HOUSE SYSTEM</strong>

The house system provides the opportunity for all scholars to widen their involvement in school life. Through representing their house in a range of activities and events all scholars can develop a sense of identity, belonging and mutual support across each year group, the NBS and the wider community.

Each scholar will be given the opportunity to participate and contribute to their house in a number of ways including taking part in house day activities which focus on developing scholars personal thinking and learning skills through various collaborative tasks. Competitive house activities also enable scholars to further develop their skills and attributes in different curriculum areas and activities. The passport to learning reward structure also contributes to the house system and allows house/form groups to access various events to celebrate and recognise success. The house structure also provides leadership roles for scholars and the opportunity to work across year groups to further develop a community spirit/ethos within NBS.

The NBS has close connections to Nottingham and the name of each house relates to a particular wood, Ash, Oak, Elm, and Pine.

<strong>Scholar Prefects</strong>

“At NBS scholars’ behaviour is exemplary. Scholars of all ages play and learn together harmoniously. They respect adults and love to learn.”

Who can become a Prefect?

Scholar Prefects are the school’s role models. If you are a scholar with an excellent record of behaviour, attendance, punctuality and uniform then you are a suitable candidate.

Scholars are expected to:

–  Be a role model to which lower school scholars aspire

–  Meet high standards of politeness, courtesy, dress, attendance and punctuality

–  Carry out regular duties as required

–  Be prepared to give up some of your free time to attend meetings at lunchtime and after school

–  Work as part of a team – this means listening to others! You may have to work with people who are not necessarily your friends and who may not agree with your ideas

Prefect tasks:

–  A small group will form an editorial committee to prepare the yearbook

–  A small group will make arrangements for the end of Year Eleven function

–  Individuals will be attached to Year 7 forms to help the new pupils settle into the school

–  Small teams will help out with school events such as Consultation Evenings

–  Prefects will be very active in fundraising for the School Charity

–  As well as fundraising for Charity, Prefects will have to fundraise to subsidise the Year Book and activities

–  Prefects will collect money from forms for own clothes days

–  Some Prefects can organise assemblies, particularly for Years Seven and Eight

–  Prefects should take an active role in ensuring that all pupils can feel safe at break and lunchtimes

–  To lead and organise pupil’s voice

–  Organise the content for the large screens in the break-out space at break and lunchtime

–  Work together as a team on a newsletter for Year 11

This is an essential part of scholars learning at NBS. Homework in Key Stage 3 and 4 reflects the needs and demands of the subject’s scholars are studying. Scholars in Key Stage 3 complete an extended project each term to focus on independent learning skills. Key Stage 3 scholars receive a homework booklet outlining the minimum expected homework.

Our curriculum teaches a broad and balanced range of subjects (including all the key areas of the National Curriculum) in an engaging, inspiring and motivating way. We pay particular attention to the core skills of English, Mathematics, and Science but are keen to ensure that scholars develop the essential skills and qualifications they need to reach their full potential. This means accelerating the more able scholars and giving extra support to those who need it.

NBS places particular emphasis on the development of literacy skills. Reading is one of the ways that all scholars can improve their own level of success.

It helps them:

<strong>&gt; Increase their vocabulary</strong>

<strong>&gt; Improve their writing skills</strong>

<strong>&gt; Learn new ideas</strong>

<strong>&gt; Engage in creative thinking and reflection. </strong>

<em>“Our School’s drive, determination and passion for the school permeate every aspect of its work. Our outstanding leadership, together with that of other leaders and owners, has significantly contributed to the high quality of teaching and scholars’ outstanding achievement.” </em>

Please find below downloadable PDF copies of all our school documents. If you require any further information, please ask at the school office.