Welcome from the Nottingham British School
On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to welcome you to the Nottingham British School (NBS). We are extremely proud to be part of NBS and have opportunity to highlight our fantastic work, which is taking place across both the primary and secondary phases.
Our commitment to provide an enriching and scholastically challenging education coupled with a strong spiritual foundation for all children, regardless of their social and economic status, sets it apart from other schools. Our unique educational model unveils, develops, and nurtures each student in a safe, caring environment. We value each child. We mentor and guide each one to achieve his or her highest potential.
We have experienced firsthand the life-changing difference that a strong spiritual foundation and a rigorous education in a devoted and loving environment can make in the lives of our extraordinary children. We are struck by their personal courage and strength. We feel NBS will bring real academic benefits to children and young people in our schools. At NBS we are committed to developing partnerships both nationally and internationally to enhance our provision and to gain recognition for our outstanding work.
We are dedicated to focus on school improvement, staff development, and enabling our young people to excel. Secondly, we support our school in the nurturing of the distinctive ethos, which contributes so powerfully to the development of our pupils as rounded and balanced young people poised to make a positive contribution to society.
Thank you to all our parents for your help and support in making NBS such a big success.
Dr Meshal Almeshaan (Chairperson)
On behalf of the Board of Directors

Dear All,


I am delighted to welcome you to Nottingham British School. We are a developing school which is striving to provide British based learning with an international perspective based in Kuwait. Within our NBS community, both the teaching team and myself endeavour to make every student feel valued, happy and successful. We are also a team who believe passionately about providing a safe, inspiring and enriching environment, which enables every student to flourish. Our school community takes pride in placing learning at the heart of all we do and in assisting every member of our community to embrace learning and make the most of his/her every day. This we achieve by teaching our students to take responsibility for their own learning, at the same time, steering them towards new knowledge and skills via curricula which is benchmarked against the highest quality, British educational standards.

Our website content is a window through which we demonstrate what makes us uniquely NBS but we invite you to visit our campus, so you can personally experience our creative and individual approach to learning, which has resulted in remarkable attainment for our senior students. We are proud of our school and will always be willing to show you around.

I, personally, look forward to welcoming you when you enter our school.


Yours sincerely,

Margaret McArthur-Reid.


Dear Community of Nottingham British School,


It is with great pride and excitement that I write this letter as the newly appointed Principal of Key Stage 1 and 2 at Nottingham British School. I feel so fortunate to lead a school with such dedicated staff, amazing students, and supportive families. I look forward to continue fostering relationships with you and working with the Nottingham staff to provide a nurturing, engaging, learning experience for each child. I possess 27 years of educational experience in Primary School Education. I am currently in my 14th year as a member of a Senior Leadership Team. I am elated to bring my skills as an educational leader to your son/daughter’s school and to work with you as a partner in education to ensure your child’s success

I am committed to sustaining the legacy of success established at NBS by building strong relationships with students, staff, parents and community partners. One of my objectives is to ensure that every student is provided with the highest quality education possible in a safe and supportive learning environment. Working together as a team with staff and parents, I am committed to helping each student achieve their very best. Every student is valued and worthy of our best effort. As Principal of Key 1 and 2, I believe that through a close partnership with the stakeholders of Nottingham British School, we will create an environment where students are connected to school in order to meet their academic, social

Carl Kroutz
Primery Stage Principal


Welcome to Nottingham British School, a new opportunity for ambitious families in Kuwait. NBS is committed to offering a traditional British education in a modern setting. Our values are tried and tested; our facilities are state of the art. This blend of old and new is the perfect preparation for academic success in the twenty first century.

Our Ethos

Learning is at the heart of all we do; learning for children, staff and parents. Our ethos is embedded in our belief that high expectations achieve high outcomes through academic excellence! We also believe in building confidence by giving children opportunities to achieve through challenging and creative learning experiences.

However, academic attainment is not enough. We want to grow children who care enough to make a difference in the world. Therefore, we emphasise strong moral values, which together form the traditional excellence at Nottingham British School.

We aspire to be a global community of thinkers, creators innovators and leaders who will have a positive impact on the world of tomorrow.


Our aim is to equip every student with the knowledge, learning and character needed for success at school, university and beyond.

lWe set clear, ambitious goals, and rigorously monitor our progress in achieving them.

l We focus on core academic subjects, while stimulating a wide range of interests.

l We aim to instil knowledge, understanding, and a desire to learn.

l We all commit to making Nottingham British School a vibrant learning community.

l We demonstrate a commitment and respect for the Kuwaiti culture and the Islamic faith

Our ambition is that every student at Nottingham British School has a rich, rewarding and happy primary experience, learning the skills that will enable them to be successful in University and beyond.

Our motto:

  • Aspire (to be what you want to be)
  • Acquire (all the learning experiences you can)
  • Achieve (your dream)

Nottingham British School was founded in 2015 to offer an outstanding curriculum and achieve excellent outcomes for children in Primary education across Kuwait. In 2016, it was incorporated and expanded to include its secondary provision and now has classes from kindergarten to year eight. With next year planning to increase this to year 11.

NBS is developing a reputation for its use of technology to enhance student learning. Innovation and Technology are at the heart of what we do. From kindergarten through to year eight, students are encouraged to be innovators and apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Since its inception, NBS has been dedicated to nurturing children’s social and emotional needs, intellectual curiosity, creativity and capacity for critical thinking along with advanced academic skills

Nottingham British School  is a vibrant and highly successful school which reflects the truly cosmopolitan nature of Kuwait. We look to guide our children to become, quite simply, the best of their generation. As a result, the building and facilities have been specifically designed to enhance teaching and learning, providing a bright, well-resourced and motivational environment for our students.

Nottingham British School is a newly built and modern large school situated in the State of Kuwait. It boasts of excellent facilities that are unrivalled in most other schools in Kuwait, interactive whiteboards in each of its large classrooms, an expansive outdoor play area, an indoor swimming pool, an auditorium as well as a school counsellor.

School Facilities


The right learning environment is a key to the success of NBS and each spacious classroom is well resourced. ICT resources are readily available and well integrated within each classroom offering excellent levels of communication for teachers.

The Library

The well-stocked library has an extensive range of books, materials, and resources. The library features reading corners, study areas, spaces for groups of students and PC workstations, which are readily available for children to access information on-line or from CDs and DVDs.

The Music Department

The music room houses an impressive collection of new instruments from around the world including percussion, orchestral instruments, keyboards and a variety of others, providing students with opportunities to expand their understanding and appreciation of music as well as practice their performance skills.

Art Room

The Art room is the center of all creative enterprise in the school and they house all the artifacts made by the students. The Art room is a large well-equipped work area where students can work with clay, and other material to create exquisite works of art.

Parent Areas and Meeting Rooms

A range of administrative areas caters to the needs of parents. These include areas for parents to meet and talk or to use as a comfortable place to wait when their children are taking part in activities.

The ICT Department

In addition to ICT resources dispersed throughout the school, NBS has an exclusive ICT suite, featuring workstations for students, multi-media projectors, and smart boards. Consequently, all of our students have high-quality access to information and communications technology in all subject areas.

Sports Facilities

Beyond the development of skills, our sporting facilities support students in their goals of leading healthy and active lifestyles.

We have an ambition of bringing high-quality sports coaching to the children of NBS and the wider community. We manage first class children’s sports academies with a proven track record of developing holistic athletes from grassroots to elite performance. NBS demands the highest standards from all our approved sports academy providers, who are required to have legal documentation according to Kuwaiti legislation as well as ensuring all programs are delivered by professional coaches and operated in a safe and fun environment.